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Sammy Sosa Asks The Cubs To Reconcile With Him For The 10,000 Time




(Source) Sammy Sosa and the Cubs haven’t been on speaking terms for a long time now, but Sosa at least seems interested in reconciling.

In talking to for an upcoming documentary, Sosa said of potentially coming back to Wrigley Field:

One hundred percent. I cannot wait for that day. I would be willing to do that anytime they decided to do it. I would be happy to go out there and be on Wrigley Field. Make sure that people see me again, make sure that I’m there, because the memories they have about Sammy Sosa are big and the love that they have for me is big. When the day comes, when the time is right, I’ll be there.

Of course, it should be noted that Sosa said similar stuff back in January and the Cubs have basically ignored it since then, including owner Tom Ricketts calling the whole situation “awkward.”



At this point I just feel bad for Sammy. I mean how many times can you ask to be taken back before you realize you should probably just stop publicly asking? Ricketts himself called it “awkward”. That’s like the meanest response you can have to a guy basically on his hands and knees. Oh yeah this whole thing is awkward, we’d really like Sammy to just stop asking and for him to go away. And the worst part is what is it even for? To throw out a first pitch? To sing the 7th inning stretch? To just be able to come to Wrigley for the first time since 2004 when he walked out on the team for the final game? I don’t get it. I mean fans want him to come back, steroids or no steroids (he obviously did tons of steroids), he’s still a beloved Cub, but it’s not exactly up to the fans. So if I’m Sammy I’m sitting in my mansion with my wax vampire face, taking hilarious pictures on pinterest and leaving it all alone. This shit is just sad for everyone, no reason to bring it back up every few months just because.



Oh and if this doesn’t perfectly sum up the difference between the Cardinals and Cubs I don’t know what does. Last night the Cardinals clinched their 700th berth into the NLCS in a row. Making superstars out of no-names, bringing up all-star prospects every fall, and basically using their Cardinal dark magic to win yet again. Meanwhile what are the Cubs doing? Their number 1 manager candidate said thanks but no thanks, their biggest star in the past 2 decades is creating awkward moments for everyone, and Comcast Sports Net is doing a 10 year special on the time they almost went to the World Series but blew it in epic fashion. Fun times all around! #Committed.