Trump Compliments Himself On Winging It After Teleprompter Breaks

Incredible feat by the Donald. Here you have your team prepare you an awesome economic speech and transfer it right over to the teleprompter guy then you get out of bed, get all geared up, hop up to the podium to regurgitate that speech and WHAMMY, the prompter’s fucked. A lesser man would fold. But Trump flawlessly wings it and gives the speech anyway. Unbelievable.

And he’s right, who else could’ve pulled that off? You think George Washington could seamlessly power through like that? Only chirping the teleprompter guy once or twice? You think Honest Abe would’ve continued on with the Gettysburg Address with just notes, memory or — worse yet — a hard copy of the speech? No fucking shot. Only the Donald can magically do that. That’s why he’s a billionaire. That’s why he’s qualified to be president. That’s why he’s well-known for having the best words.

That Ivy League education and all that commitment to the words finally paying off. Nothing can stop the Donald. Guy is invincible*.

*a self-destructive clownshow who amazingly continues to gain ground and finds himself in a virtual tie nationally to be the 45th president of the United States of America.