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Bella Thorne Dropping Some See Through Nips on Her Snapchat Was A Very Pleasant Surprise


Ever since I revealed The Spags Promise in the Tinder roundup last week where I pledged to find every set of see through nipples on the dating apps (for, well, no real reason other than a zest for life and overly air conditioned rooms), I feel like I’ve been on high alert for them all over the place. And there’s NOTHING better than a little surprise nudity or nip or other typically covered parts action on Snapchat, either sent directly or on a Story. I follow so many girls and Instagram thot and regular thot types and they’ve all gotten so good at never having a slip-up on there. That’s why when someone says they’re a professional social media chick, how could you possibly hate? There’s an artistry to blasting yourself out there 24/7 without ever revealing an inch more than you intended. I stand for those who stand bent over with a camera between their taint.  

That’s also what makes it funnier that Bella Thorne of all people is blasting nips out there like this without a single care in the world. She’s legitimately famous but she’s going to dance with the high beams on and she’s going to post it to social media. Have to respect that level of not giving a fuck (even if she is kind of a fake bisexual).