Iowa High School In Hot Water After Their Team Poster Is Deemed Racist By Native Americans

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ESPN- Clarke (Osceola, Iowa) High School’s mascot is the Indians. That doesn’t mean the school should appropriate Native American culture. The Clarke girls’ basketball team got ready for its upcoming season by having a photographer create a poster titled “Tribal Family.” It features the players wearing cultural headgear and silhouetted in what appears to be a tribal dance. (Oh, and the schedule is on the bottom.)

Are we in the trust tree? That’s an awesome-looking poster. Well done, ladies. Such quality. You couldn’t make a sharper looking poster. Very professional.

On the flip side, this right here

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That just seems super duper racist. Some times I have a hard time determining what is racist and what isn’t racist when it comes to Native Americans but that’s FOR SURE racist. High school white girls dancing around a fire with basketballs is pretty much the definition of racism. Here’s a piece of advice when it comes to portraying Native American culture. This piece of advice also goes for college kids planning to throw a black face-themed party. Here it goes: Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Your life will be so much easier. I’m honestly shocked this type of stuff still happens. Not because we’re learning as a culture to be more accepting and sensitive to other cultures. But because of the absolute shit storm people have to go through when they do a Native American poster or throw a black face party. These girls and their school are about to be put through the wringer. Again, just don’t. That’s the rule. Make a shitty team poster where the team is sitting in the bleachers like everybody else does.