Gronk, LeGarette Blount, And Malcolm Butler Go Undercover To Hand Out Ice Cream Around Boston

Gronk’s gotta have the sweetest gig going. I’m not talking about him being the greatest tight end ever, I’m not talking about him being an icon, I’m not even talking about the fact that he can go anywhere and start a party. I just mean the stuff he does for his sponsors is basically just a pick-up scene. Sure, a lot of guys can pick-up girls easily. You don’t even have to be a superstar player in the NFL to do that. But Gronk gets fucking paid to do it. I mean this was a commercial for him. Go out there, grind on some chicks, dump whip cream on them, give them chocolate syrup facials, grab a number or two, and collect your paycheck. If that’s not the dream then who the fuck knows that is?

PS – I can’t tell, did anyone even notice who Blount and Butler were? Some scenes it looks like they did, others it looks like they didn’t have a clue. If it’s the former, bad, bad look Boston. When two of the biggest criticisms of the fan base are that we’re bandwagoners and perhaps a bit racist, you absolutely need to recognize the team’s running back and the city’s biggest hero since Dave Roberts.