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Jets Fan Millionaire Gary Vaynerchuk Has A Message For Billionaire Bills Fan Chris Sacca

Self made millionaire and future owner of the New York Jets just absolutely bringing it to “Casual” Bills fan billionaire Chris Sacca. This is like when me and Big Cat went at each other in the NLCS except instead of being a couple of losers eating hot dogs and shit, they’ve got life by the balls and live on Monopoly money.

Love seeing dudes who have so much going on in life and are still just regular sports schlubs like the rest of us. Gary probably has like 600 other things he could be worrying about today and instead all he’s focused on is beating Skinny Fat Rex and the inbreds in Bills Mafia. And to be honest, thats where every Jets fan should be right now. I was bashing Trent Dilfer last week for calling a Week 1 matchup a “Must Win” so I cant come in 4 days later and put the same label on a Week 2 game. But this is a Really You Absolutely Better Fucking Win. For a multitude of reasons. The first being that you cant be 0-2 heading into the next 4 games basically all against Super Bowl contenders. The second being its yet another Rex matchup and losing to him in divisional games after axing him is infuriating and demoralizing. And thirdly the Jets havent beaten the goddam Buffalo Bills in 3 fucking years. 5 straight Ls. To BUFFALO. Thats as embarrassing as it gets. Its pot calling the kettle black when we look at these franchises on the whole but 5 straight losses against one of the sorriest organizations in all of sports in unbearable. A 6th would destroy me and maybe push Gary Vee into suicide. Its listed as a pick em but this is a game the Jets should absolutely win. And if they dont, we’re in big big trouble.