Nothing Says Father/Son Bonding Quite Like Beating The Shit Outta Somebody With A Bat

Dude. Stop saying Worldstar. That stopped being funny like 8 years ago if it was ever funny in the first place. That was some good ol fashioned  father/song bonding though. Nothing brings people closer together than a fight. It makes people feel like a real unit. Sure that guy could take his kid fishing or hunting or some other traditional activity but those things are BORING. Beating the shit outta somebody with a bat though? Memories like those last a lifetime. They will always remember that day fondly. I will say this, I wasn’t very impressed with their use of the bat. Especially since it was 2 on 1. That one dude should be dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. Bring a bat to the a fist fight and you sure as hell better win outright. I don’t even think they necessarily won. A guy who’s still standing on two feet after fighting two guys and a bat is hands-down the winner. That’s all I’m saying.