Wise Move For Aaron Murray To Wait Till I Leave Town To Sign With The Eagles

I was busy a couple days ago, but this still needs to be addressed. Well played, pretty boy. Nobody steals my girl, moves her across the country, and waltzes back into my town without being sent to Belize. And by getting sent to Belize I of course mean having a passive aggressive blog written about them, but still. The point remains. Hell hath no fury than a lover scorn, and this man ripped out my heart and given the Golden Shower treatment.

I know Kacie has moved on to bigger and better things. However, like I said, wise move waiting till I leave the city. I can only be heartbroken so much before some daggers would need to be taken out of my chest and chucked back. Or I’d probably just write another love letter to Kacie begging for an explanation. Either way, therapy, baby. Therapy.