Please Support My Night Shift

Just want to take a sec to throw a quick shoutout to my night shift job as Quality Control for Lost Kings. I really love New York so far but the problem is I’m already in debt until payday tomorrow. The rumors were true, it actually is more expensive here to eat out three times a day and prefer Lyft over public transit than it was in North Carolina. So bottom line is I’m going to need my coworkers at my second job to stop putting so many dicks in their videos and appeal to the mainstream crowd that will allow me to supplement my income. Rob’s from Boston and both the guys are huge Stoolies. You’d think it’d be more important to them that these dick videos are partly responsible for getting my Seamless account suspended.

So can everyone plz tweet them to stop doing this stuff and also buy their music     or just hit my Venmo/Paypal/Snapcash.