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Bloodline Will Be Cancelled After Season Three And I'm Perfectly OK With That

(THR)The end is near for Bloodline.

The third season of the twisted family drama starring Kyle Chandler will be its last on the streaming service. The Sony Pictures Television-produced series was renewed in July, shortly after the second season debuted on May 27. At the time, Netflix told The Hollywood Reporter that it would not be the final season.

However, in an in-depth story on the inner workings of the streaming giant, THR exclusively revealed that Netflix had notified Sony that the upcoming season, set for 2017, would be the show’s final outing on the platform. The streamer also cut the episode order from 13 episodes to 10, and slashed licensing fees on the show. Still, the two companies deny there are tensions between them. It’s unclear whether Sony will try and shop future seasons of Bloodline elsewhere.

*There are spoilers in here*

I’m a huge, huge, huge “Bloodline” fan. The biggest of anyone I’ve talked to. Bloodline season one was incredible, my favorite show of 2015, and season two was excellent as well even though it was largely missing Ben Mendelsohn, the first season’s breakout star. Even without Mendelsohn’s performance, the show thrived. The writing is fantastic, the acting is incredible (there’s a reason basically every character has been nominated for an Emmy both seasons), and the setting, the Florida Keys, is so impeccably shot and works perfectly with the story that. I don’t have a single complaint with the show whatsoever.

But, it’s not meant to be a long running show. In that article I linked to, the creators say that they’d hoped for six seasons and I just don’t see that ever being a possibility. To be honest, I would have been fine with it ending after season one. There’s only so much material you can get out of a drama featuring a dysfunctional family, you know? What happens in season three, they murder another person then spend season four tying up the loose ends to that before murdering another person then starting the cycle again? Nah. That’s too much.

I loved season two up until the last few episodes until Kevin and Meg turned on John and basically told him he had to deal with everything on his own, even though they had very much involved themselves in everything. It just didn’t seem like something that was genuine to the family, at least not those three. I didn’t buy it and it turned me off for the rest of the season. Even the ending, Kevin murdering Marco, was pretty meh and unrealistic to me.

So I’m fine with this decision. Three season is plenty. Bloodline is a fucking great show and I love it dearly, but some shows just aren’t set-up to run the long haul. It’s not a Law and Order type, where you can just keep taking inspiration from real life, and it’s not a comedy where there are endless possibilities. Bloodline was always built for a shorter run and I’m perfectly fine with that. Agree with it, even. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s excellent and it’s always better to leave the people wanting more rather than dragging and watching both reviews and viewers dwindle.