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The White Sox Set A Guinness World Record For Most Dogs At A Sporting Event And Yeah I'm A Little Jealous

I know what you’re thinking, Big Cat, the Cubs are 16 games up in the NL Central, they have the Cy Young and MVP, they have a core group that is going to be good for the next decade, why are you letting a Dog record get you down? Well guys, I’m human. Do I love everything about this Cubs team? Fuck yes. Am I so excited for October? You know it. But sometimes a guy wants it all, sometimes success isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to be the best baseball team in America AND set Dog watching records. So hats off to the White Sox, you got us, you got us good. And people say Jerry doesn’t win anymore. HA!

Oh and, nailed it!

I know this blog reads as sarcasm but I am legit jealous. Dogs and baseball. That’s America.