Astros Fan Needs 7 Cops To Get Him Out Of The Stadium

I did not think the Astros/Rangers “rivalry” had this type of vitriol but here we are. I guess 3-15 against the Rangers on the season for Houston will make any fan lose their mind. And here’s the thing. We always talk about making things count. If you’re going to do something, own it all the way and be the best. Well that applies here. If you’re going to be a 50 year old man that gets kicked out of a baseball stadium on a Tuesday night, you might as well get the entire Security staff involved. Don’t say this guy didn’t go down without a fight. FUCK YOU RANGERS!!!


I always laugh when I think about these people going back to work in a couple of days. Tough pill to swallow when your face is blasted all over the internet for fighting 7 Cops over a September baseball game. That’s one of those ones I think you just hope no one mentions for a few months, then once all the court dates have come and gone and you’ve served your jail time you can start making fun of yourself a little bit.