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Rob Gronkowski Giving Financial Advise Is The Most Surreal Thing I've Ever Seen

MassMutual - Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski knows a lot about football. He also knows something about finances. His knowledge comes from the advice and guidance he gets from all his coaches – both on and off the field. Rob is also self-motivated; he takes the time to inform himself about the things that matter most. Because finances are so important, Rob and his family want to share some of their knowledge with you.

Did we just enter the twilight zone? Listen I know Gronk is America’s pitchman but at what point is enough enough? What’s next? He’s gonna be a pitchman for books or abstinence?  Yes Gronk is rich. Yeah he’s worn the same pair of jeans for 10 years. Yeah he eats like a poor person.  Yes he saves his money. That’s just because Gronk is Gronk. He’s a meathead from Buffalo who likes meathead things. I’m not sure that makes him some financial guru. Seriously imagine somebody taking financial advice from the Gronkowski clan? Although I guess who am I to throw stones at glass houses when my entire stock portfolio is twitter. Still a bizzaro spokesman choice from Mass Mutual.  At the very least don’t have him talk during the ads. It looked like he was having a brain aneurysm.