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An Incoming UCLA Freshman Sent A Future Roommate The Most Demanding Psycho Chick Email Before They Moved In

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Daily MailFriendship is unlikely to blossom in one university dorm room this semester after one of its occupants sent an aggressive list of demands to her roommates before even meeting them.

The message, sent by a UCLA freshman known only as Ashly, was shared by one of its two recipients on Twitter in a post which has now been seen by thousands.

One of Ashly’s new roommates, 17-year-old Winnie Chen, an aspiring make-up artist from Los Angeles, took to the social media site after being left in total shock by the email which, she says, was sent because Ashly’s earlier messages hadn’t drawn a response for a couple of days.




Wait are these 3 really going to still try and live together????


Amazing, simply amazing. The follow up blog to this in a couple of weeks is going to be nothing short of classic. I mean it takes almost perfect Utopian conditions for girls to come even remotely close to living together peacefully. You could be the best friends in the whole entire world and still end up in the most drama filled apartment or dorm room on Earth – now consider the foot these girls started off on? Making demands and getting passive aggressive attitudes and talking about fighting fire with fire and sass? A freaking #SORRYNOTSORRY hash tag? Oh man, if I’m an RA I load up on riot gear and pepper spray, going to be a melee to break up in that room at some point.

Ashly, enjoy the bunk and the white closet girl. Winnie and Guistianna I’d run for the fucking hills of Los Angeles if I were you.



This girl isn’t the sister of anyone that works for us right?