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Cowboys Fans Decided To Beat The Piss Out Of Eachother After Their Loss To The Giants

The fans for America’s team showing the love! Is this the biggest brawl in the world? Of course not. Those pillows were the softest punches being thrown since every time I try to toss one in a dream. But it’s just shows that no fanbase is immune to the frustration of a shitty loss. If one person’s drunken day is going to hell then they’re taking as many people possible down with them. In the end I guess it’s just the old Mo adage of Philly Fans Dressed As Cowboys Fans Beat The Piss Out Of Eachother. And it may not be that far off. Haven’t seen these sort of haymakers thrown at Jerry’s World since those two Philly brothers for some reason went at it with eachother last season.

PHILLY GONNA PHILLY. Fuck it. I still love this battling our own blood on different soil over a year. It’s as dysfunctional as a true family can get. Eagles fans are going to get throw under the bus anyways, might as well own it and be as stereotypical as possible. Jorge should’ve went all the way and smothered his brother’s face with a snowball before chucking batteries at infants. I wouldn’t mind Philly fans start fights with each other around the country whether our teams are playing or not. It would be great to see the cameras at the Masters pan down to two guidos in Flyers jerseys throwing down in the fairway. Why not? It’s not like we have anything more to lose on or off the playing fields (unless this Bomber From Bismark does indeed to turn out to be the truth. Please, God.).