It Wouldn't Be An NFL Sunday Without RG3 Initiating Contact For No Reason And Getting Hurt

I’m unapologetically an RG3 fan. I love how he literally will not change, no matter what coaches, experts, teammates, the media, or anyone at all says. He’s a heel and doesn’t even know it. He just RG3’s his way through life, living with his head in the clouds, completely unaware of everything going on around him. And I root for him, hard. I want him to succeed. He’s cocky for no reason, he thinks he’s the best in the world because he’s been told that since Pee Wee, and he won’t change now, tomorrow, or ever.

So it was no surprise that it took all of 1 week for RG3 to initiate contact for no reason and get hurt.

So classic RG3. Being a warrior, fighting through the pain, just putting the team on his back. Tweeting Evanescence lyrics. No pressure, no diamonds. He might be on a new team, but it’s the same ol’ Bobby Three Sticks. The Browns might win 2 games this year, but fucking Robert is going to put his life on the line to gain one extra foot, as if he isn’t the most injury prone player of all time, week in and week out. And when he’s ineviably benched week 5 in favor of McCown or Kessler and starts up a media storm, it’s going to be AWESOME, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. RG3 for life.

Late breaking news—-He might be done.

He had a good run in Cleveland. Can’t wait to see where he catches his dream next.