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Should Of Been Suspended?: KHL Linesman Dirty Hit On Player

Remember back in January when the entire world got up in arms over Dennis Wideman allegedly hitting NHL Don Henderson on purpose? Now regardless of what you thought about that incident (still gonna go ahead and say it was an accident and that the guy shouldn’t have been standing there), you have to at least admit that it should go both ways. If a player isn’t allowed to deck a ref, then a ref shouldn’t be allowed to hit a player either. It’s a gross display of double standards to allow KHL linesman Evgeny Ponskikh to get away with this without any sort of supplemental discipline being handed down. Which is why the Barstool Sports Department of Player Safety has reviewed the play and concluded the following:

We simply cannot have hockey refs/linesman going out there night after night and trying to exact revenge for what happened to Don Henderson. It can’t happen and we need to put an end to it right away. Which is why we have to make an example out of Pronskikh. What’s done is done. Wideman has served his suspension and the situation is over. Move on. Get over it. The moment that referees in any sport start to think that people care about them at all is when we lose. Refs are out there for one purpose and one purpose only; to be a scapegoat when your favorite team loses. The sooner they figure that out, the better we’ll all be.

P.S. – you guys see that Toyota commercial last night when the family picked up the ref whose car broke down on the side of the road? Think I may need to write a whole blog on that because it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed.