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Do I Need To Fire Clem For His Own Good?


So today was Clem’s first day in the office. I was just casually making conversation like any great boss does and asked him how his commute was. His answer was “like not bad….2.5 hours”. TWO AND A HALF HOURS! That’s five fucking hours round trip! Are you fucking shitting me Clem? I don’t care how electric bagel Mondays are that is crazytown. I almost feel like I need to fire Clem just to give him his life back. Seriously the dude is basically driving from Manhattan to Portsmouth NH every single day. That’s no way to live. He’s like a horse who breaks down. The only humane thing to may be to put him out of his misery. Or I guess I could tell him he can work from home? But I didn’t just buy 30 bagels not to have the fattest guy in the office help eat them and make me feel good about myself.