Kentucky Football Fan Mails UK Coaching Staff a Bag of Dicks

Things are pretty low for Kentucky football right now. They blew a 35-10 lead at home to Southern Miss to start the season then looked like a JV team while losing its 30th – yes 30th – game in a row to Florida this past weekend. So what do logical fans do?

They send a literal bag of dicks to the coaching staff. Our buddy Jax here had enough with Mark Stoops and DJ Eliot, who are both in their fourth year at Kentucky. I can’t say I blame him and this is coming as a Kentucky fan.

The notion fans only care about basketball is false as there’s always plenty of support for the football team. Hell, take a look at the multi-million dollar facilities they just upgraded to this year. The stadium got a facelift recently and more money than ever has gone into the program. Stoops has shown you can recruit at Kentucky too, getting classes consistently ranked in the No. 25-30 range during his four years in Lexington.

However, the loss against Florida is causing everyone to snap. How the hell you lose to one team 30 times in a row is mind boggling. Do you know how hard it is to suck consistently against one team for that long?

So enjoy that bag of dicks, UK coaching staff. I’m sure if you lose like that again there will be plenty more where that came from.