Derrick Rose Is Trying To Prove His Rape Accuser Isn't "Prudish" Because She Allegedly Hung Out With Swaggy P

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TMZ- Derrick Rose is dragging Nick Young into his alleged rape case — using his fellow NBA star in an attempt to discredit the accuser. Rose’s Jane Doe accuser claims she was traumatized by the alleged gang rape because she’s “prudish” and sexually inexperienced. Rose’s team says that’s a big fat lie … and they have a text referring to fellow NBA guard Nick Young to prove it.

According to docs obtained by TMZ Sports, the text was sent from Jane Doe to her roommate in November 2014. It says, “since u goin to nicks can u please tell him to give u my bra lol.” Rose says the roommate confirmed … Jane Doe was referring to Nick Young in the text (and yes, Nick was dating Iggy at the time). The docs also claim Jane Doe interacted with lots of celebs and had sexual relationships with at least 2 NBA players other than Rose … bringing a major question about her credibility into play.

This whole Derrick Rose case is pretty ugly and I have been trying not to comment too much on it based on rumors and whatnot unless But stories like this are why Big Cat told us we would be spinzoning everything he said. I mean I get the idea of where Derrick is coming from. Swaggy P probably isn’t putting much time in with wallflowers and shit. Swaggy P is like the boss of a video game level. You probably aren’t getting to him without having to get past a few people first.

But still, doesn’t this quote come off as more Reggie Rose than Derrick Rose? I realize Derrick is fighting for his freedom and he has to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. But it just feels wrong. Definitely does more harm than good in a messy situation like this.

Also I don’t know what Swaggy P did to deserve this, but he has been catching L’s left and right. First D’Angelo Russell ruins his marriage. Then No Chill Gil ruins his life one Snapchat at a time. And now Derrick Rose is bringing his texts into rape cases and curb stomping Swaggy’s character to the point where the Swaggy P meme actually has true meaning to Swaggy P’s life.