Dangle Days Weekend Recap

Believe it or not, we try to get #content up on the weekends. But even despite our best efforts, there’s still going to be plenty of stuff that we miss from Saturday through Sunday. Like unaccompanied minor Johnny Hockey waltzing by Luca Sbisa in some more World Cup pre-tournament action between Team North America and Team Europe. If you were wondering why Gaudreau’s camp is asking for $8 million from the Flames this season, that’s why. Also for mic drop moments like this one:


But yeah, consider this your one-stop shop for all the sauce that was tossed this past weekend. We’ll stick with Team NA vs Team Europe real quick and catch a glimpse of the Auston Matthews show.

Tough night to be Luca Sbisa. He got walked by so much last night that you’d think he was a bum on the New York streets. Nothing too crazy here from Matthews but it’s little moments like this that you can tell the kid is going to do some special things once he finally gets around to playing his first NHL game. Also–it might take him a little while to get used to this


Smh. Get a load of Auston Matthews trying to take jobs away from hard working AMERICANS. Kid flees to Canada and now this? Disgusting…

And now we’re off to Russia where we had a legitimate murder on the ice.

We now go live to the goalie’s reaction…


I think your only option at that point would be to fake an injury and then never play again. Love the pause right before Glinkin stuffs it home. That might be the Iverson stepover of hockey.

Staying in Russia, we have Vitaly Shulakov catching the defense sleeping and taking the express lane for a beauty.

Sibir defense looking like they were playing on some Leesa mattresses mattresses mattresses out there. Like butter.


And we’ll end with the silky smoothest of them all. Over to the BCHL we go.


God. Damn. Jagger Williamson. An all-time name fit for an all-time dangle. On his knee. Through his legs. Hit ‘em with the B-button spin move. And then in the back of the net. Encore! Encore! Encore!