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What Language Does Desiigner Speak?

I don’t know if Desiigner is the best troll going or what, but I’ve never heard this language he speaks. It’s an entirely different version of the language we speak. I saw someone on Twitter say that he speaks in cursive and it’s the most accurate thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. There’s the print way of talking, where everyone can very easily understand what’s happening, then there’s cursive, which Desiigner speaks, where people have to read it a few times, get confused at certain points, and ask other people what that word/letter is. Listening to Desiigner is like listening to your Spanish teacher, you grab a few words and just try and piece together what they mean. I got that he’s back in the city and folks is crazy and he don’t do this no more baby. I think he’s talking about the drugs he was arrested for? I don’t know. I don’t even know if he’s definitely speaking English. If you told me he’s just making noises, like a little kid pretending to speak Chinese, I’d absolutely believe you. Ting tong ping wong ching chong GIIGIIGII-GAHHHHHH.