The Fact That Kurt Rambis Was The Person That Suggested Jeff Hornacek To Phil Jackson Is Slightly Concerning


It was Kurt Rambis who first suggested Jeff. They had played together in Phoenix for several seasons so Kurt had a good read on Jeff. The Suns’ coach was Cotton Fitzsimmons who had been an assistant at Kansas State under Tex Winter. So Cotton knew the triangle, ran pieces of it and believed in system basketball. It was there that Jeff teamed up with Kevin Johnson in a two-guard offense, which is how the triangle is formatted.

-via the latest post of The Phil Jackson Chronicles

I shouldn’t let something like this bother me, but I have to. You know how you have the friend that always suggests terrible movies or TV shows? That’s what Kurt Rambis is to me when it comes to coaching basketball. If I was Phil Jackson, I would give him the Costanza treatment. Do the opposite of whatever he says. And I’m a guy that trusts the opinions of other people. I don’t buy something unless it’s like 4 stars absolute minimum on Amazon. But if I knew that all those reviewers were crazy cat ladies from fly-over states, I’d probably have to ask for a second opinion from an external source. Look at Kurt’s face in the picture above. Is that the face of a guy you would trust?

Then again, Phil Jackson’s coaching tree isn’t exactly a tall mighty oak. This all goes back to talking about the old bum ass triangle offense and if Hornacek can adapt to working in New York for one of the worst owners in the universe.

Shit. Time to look at pictures of Abby Hornacek and just hope that we go 82-0 as a Super Team.









Much better.

P.S. Thank God Russell Westbrook signed an extension with the Thunder or else I would have a huge hard-on for this picture of him working out with Slick Willie and Godzingis.

Who am I kidding? I’m now convinced Russ is going to force his way to New York once he realizes he is spinning his tires in OKC.