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A Bunch Of High School Kids Dressed Up Like Faux Bo Pelini For Their Yearbook Picture

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Omaha- Call it a class picture. Call it a tribute. Whatever you call it, it’s pretty funny. The 56 seniors who graduated in Mount Michael Benedictine School’s Class of 2016 exited their high school years in style: the style of @FauxPelini. What started years ago as an online joke while Bo Pelini was at the helm of the Husker football team has become a small but humorous part of Nebraska sports history. Maybe you’ve seen the doctored image: the coach wearing a festive sweater and holding a fluffy cat. @FauxPelini — or Fake Bo Pelini — sports it as his Twitter profile picture. For their portraits this year, each of Mount Michael’s seniors wore a red plaid blazer while holding an unhappy looking tabby cat.

Shout out to these kids. I don’t have much on this other than good on all of them. The fact that not a single jackass bowed out at the last minute to ruin the whole thing is really a testament to their love for Faux Bo Pelini. Paying homage to one of the best parody accounts on Twitter in a world where it’s becoming harder and harder to be a good parody account. There are a trillion bad parody accounts for every good one. Faux Bo Pelini is one of those good ones and deserved to be honored. And again, shout out to those kids. You make a commitment, you stick to it. And another shout out to the poor cat in all those pictures. What a weird day it must’ve been for that guy. Cat had to be fucking pissed by the time it was all over.

PS- What’s with some of those names? Kalle? Case? Corbin? Maximillian? Yixie?  I can feel the trust fund money just oozing out of them.

h/t sheff