Watching Video Of Derrick Rose Cutting On A Dime And Driving To The Basket Has Me Feeling All Tingly Inside

Yes I know that it’s the offseason, yes I know that this is just one video of Derrick Rose crossing up some white dude in an open gym, and yes I know that we don’t even see the ball go in. But goddamn that was beautiful to watch. Derrick Rose the player actually being a Knick hasn’t really sunk into my head yet. Derrick Rose the internet meme that is always hurt is who I always I think of. But honestly, who was the last Knicks point guard that could make that move without his leg bursting into flames? Well I guess Starbury could have done that back in the day, but we don’t discuss The Isiah Years on this blog if we don’t have to. Raymond Felton’s bum ass couldn’t do that. Jeremy Lin at the peak of Linsanity wasn’t working with that type of athleticism. Chris Childs? Charlie Ward? Hellll no.

New York is a point guard city. Derrick Rose will be PERFECT here if he can stay relatively healthy. I’ll be fine if the Knicks bench him in the 2nd game of a back-to-back or during a rough stretch of the schedule. We’re a super team that is going to go 82-0 anyway, so who gives a shit? I just want to see the guy in that video on my TV wearing orange and blue more often than not this season. Is that too much to ask?