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3-2, giants on thursday which at least on paper is a winnable game, redskins the week after, ditto, then the bye week. The sky feels like it may be falling but the Bears just lost to a good Saints team and the Lions on the road. This is an entirely new system and you had to figure there would be bumps along the way. 5-2 at the bye is still likely and will put the Bears in a great spot for the second half.



The defense gets zero pressure up front, they give up TONS of yards and aren’t forcing turnovers (proving last year was an anomaly). The offense has looked very good sometimes and awful at others, never putting together a full 4 quarters. 4-3 going into the bye with a game at Lambeau could be curtains for the 2013 Bears.


Guess now you just have to ask yourself which side you fall on.