The Wizards New Stars And Stripes Jerseys Are Beautiful, Now Only Have To Change Their Name From "Wizards"

This morning the Wizards released their new alternate jerseys, and these things are absolutely gorgeous. Job very well done by the Wizards, who should make these their full time home threads, not just 6 times this year as planned

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 11.43.14 AM

You can’t have jerseys that fresh and still be the “Wizards”. And the thing is, the Wizards do everything in their power to forget their name is the Wizards. The logo, the colors, the branding- everything revolves around the Washington Monument, the red, white, and blue color scheme, and the city of Washington DC. Nothing besides the mascot has anything to do with anything “wizard” related. So it’s time to once and for all change the name. I don’t care if it goes back to Bullets, or to something patriotic, but let’s have the team finally make sense.

It’s too bad the AFL team is the Valor, because that’s a top notch name for a DC sports team. The Wiz need something like that. The look is there, the jerseys are A+, just give us something, anythinggggg better than Wizards. In a city with the Capitals, the Nationals, and the Valor, you can’t be the Wizards. You just can’t.