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Brazzers Has Been Hacked And 800,000 Accounts Have Been Exposed

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(CNET)Nearly 800,000 emails, passwords and usernames attributed to accounts on the Brazzers porn site forum have been leaked. Originally reported to Motherboard by, a breach monitoring watchdog, the hack contained over 900,000 individual records. Aside from inactive or duplicate accounts, that meant some 790,724 unique email addresses, usernames and plaintext passwords are now out in the ether. Though the data came from the site’s separate forum, other users of the site were reporting their data had been included in the breach as accounts were shared between the two sites for convenience.

Score one for the free porn guys! Look, I kinda feel bad about watching free porn. I mean, it’s not like I have a hard time masturbating because I’m so riddled with shame over not paying, but when I sit here and think about it I kinda realize that it’s not exactly right. Some poor girl hopped a bus from the midwest to LA and is taking five dicks for my pleasure and I don’t even give her one red cent. There’s a little guilt as I type that out. Chick can’t walk right for a week and received no benefit from me for that. I don’t steal music anymore, so why do I keep stealing porn? (Note: the real answer for that is I’m no longer cool enough to be hip to the good music sites.)

I’ll tell you why, because I don’t need an account for PornHub or xHamster. I can’t get hacked and have all my personal info leak. I’ve had a Brazzers password before and I’ll admit that it was pretty good. New videos every day, HD, anal debuts, the whole nine. But is it worth the risk of being exposed on some hacker forum? I don’t think so. I don’t even give a shit if my history got out and everyone knew what kind of porn I was watching, I freely admit that shit. What I wouldn’t want is hacker/porn freaks having my email address. If you do a venn diagram of those two groups whatever is mashed up in the middle is a group of fucking sickos. Not the flavor of people I’d like to have the ability to communicate with me. “I have $10,000,000 of your I just need $15,000 to free it up so I can send it to you. Also, are you interested in participating in a gang bang?” No thanks.

PS – What do they mean by “duplicate accounts”? Do they mean that some people have multiple Brazzers accounts? What is the sense in that?

PPS – Hank told me he recently got a Brazzers password and hated it. Said it was too fancy. I guess he’s looking for that Joaquin Phoenix 8mm snuff stuff.

“What were you expecting it to be, Hank?”

“I don’t know. I just thought there would be more fucking fucking.”

Can’t fault the kid for wanting more nastiness.