Woman On The Subway Melts Down After Realizing She's Fat

I used to treat all videos of weirdos going nuts in the subway as just another weirdo in the big city. The person was either batshit crazy or so fed up with the grind of New York that they just lost their marbles. But after the lady who unloaded a bunch of crickets and worms on a train said it was a prank to raise awareness for the homeless, I have to go into every one of these videos skeptical as hell. Like this chick could easily be raising awareness for obesity. Or she is clearly just acting like an asshole for her friends as the rest of the people on the train have to hear her obnoxious screaming. And that makes me angry. Is this what the subway weirdo game is going to become? Entertainment that is really for a cause or to go viral? Because if so, that is blatant disrespect for the subway mutant game.

And if this video was somehow real, I would get where this lady was coming from. Sitting down with a gut like her and I have is no bueno. But have some dignity and scream at yourself for being enormous in private like the rest of us do, honey. Rocking those boots with those shorts tells me that you come from a classy background. Thank God that you have a seat and are not on a cramped train and quietly go about your day.

P.S. The only way this is acceptable behavior is if this chick actually went through one of those body switches like in an 80s movie. And if that’s the case, she didn’t go crazy enough. Think of how much that must fuck with your brain. Especially if you didn’t know the person you changed into beforehand. One day that’s really going to happen to someone and none of us are going to believe them because of all those old movies. And if we are being honest, I occasionally get terrified that it may happen to me. And if it does happen to me, Ts and Ps to whoever gets stuck with my body.