Chipotle Is Pulling Out The 69 and 420 Jokes Now

Oh, Chipotle. Chipotle, Chipotle, Chipotle. How the mighty have fallen. They used to the be the king of the castle. The lord of the rings. The big kahuna. And now? Shameless 69 jokes. Look, I like a nice 69 joke or 420 joke as much as the next guy. But it has to be funny. It has to be clever. This is just pandering to the #millenials, begging for RTs and attention and I won’t stand for it. Wel all know that there’s no shortcuts in the burrito kingdom. They need to grind back to the greatness, tortilla by tortilla. They need to make better burritos. They need to finally bite the bullet and bring in queso. 69 jokes will only get them so far. #MakeChipotleGreatAgain