Eagles Trade Eric Rowe For Patriots OL, Howie Continues To Play Madden Franchise Mode

It’s a good move in the sense that they got some value for Eric Rowe. Kline started 14 games last season for the Pats and the Eagles are in need of some depth at OL after they traded away the NFL’s, nay, the world’s greatest lesbian in Denis Kelly. Would I like to see Howie Roseman be an actual General Manager and have a better idea of the roster on this team, you know, earlier than 5 days before the first game? Of course. He can nerd out on his own personal Madden Franchise Mode all he wants for the offseason. But whatever, it’s a good trade on the surface.

And that’s the point. On the surface. Why the HELL did Eric Rowe fall out from being a very productive rookie starter on the field last season to nothing. Less than nothing.

Also, cool beans, Howie.

Keep on shooting from that hip. Who needs to figure out what you’re doing now when have years to get it right? GM (pretty much) since 2010. 0 playoff wins. 3 separate coaches. And yet another “Rebuilding” process. Yeah, I’d keep throwing shit against the wall, too.