Chick Sets The Wrong Man's Car On Fire Trying To Get Revenge On Ex Boyfriend

NYDN – It was an uncivil end for one Honda Civic. Carmen Chamblee, 19, has been arrested after she attempted to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend by setting fire to his car. However, as the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, there was one major hurdle in her plot to achieve fiery retribution: It was the wrong car. “I have no idea who she is,” former automobile owner Thomas Jennings told local station WFTS. Jennings exited his residence at the urging of his alarmed roommate only to see the giant blaze that was once his Honda.  “I’ve never seen her in my life,” he said. Chamblee allegedly stuck a rag in the car’s gas tank and set it on fire. She may have also used a flammable liquid to bring further misdirected fury to the forsaken four-door. Thankfully, a surveillance camera outside the man’s home caught the Florida woman in the act, leading to her arrest Saturday morning by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

In the dating world there are a few unwritten rules. You wait 3 days to text back. Never double text. The guy pays for the date. You’re not exclusive until youre official on social media. And I think we should go ahead and a new one to the list:

If you’re not close enough to the person to know what kind of car they drive, you cant commit arson against them as break up revenge.

Before you start lighting shit on fire you gotta know what kind of whip your man pushes. Thats just a rule in my book. Is it a Honda Civic? It is a Volkswagon Jetta? Is it a Toyota Camry? If you cant answer these questions you are NOT allowed to set anything on fire. You couldnt have been dating that long, the break up couldnt have been that messy.

PS – Tinfoil hat time – this dude was cheating on his girl and knows exactly who this chick is. Playing the “I’ve never seen her” card because he doesnt want to out himself as a cheater.