The NFL Starts Thursday. Thank God.

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Listen everybody knows by now that I’m in New York City.  Do I want to be?  No.  But when you want to upgrade from pool to oceanfront property in Nantucket you got to make some sacrifices so here I am.  

Only problem is football season is coming up and I need to watch my favorite team like I need air to breathe.  Easiest fix?  NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV.  If you live far away from your hometown team like me you can catch every Sunday out-of-market game they play no matter where you are.  And not just them, but every live out-of-market game, every Sunday afternoon.  Just stream NFL SUNDAY TICKET with NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV on your laptop, phone, tablet, or TV with Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast.  Yup, no satellite required. Welcome to the future.  Where I can conquer the Big Apple but still watch my football team dominate the rest of the league right on my computer or TV.

It’s only $49.99/month for 4 months but sign up now with promo code: BARSTOOL and get 10% off.  If it seems like we’re always hooking the Stoolies up with the best deals it’s because we are. Sign up today.