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Sit Back And Enjoy Watching Two Drunk Irish People Try And Put Together An IKEA Shelf

Let’s start slow. No way no how is your brain working after a three-day weekend that also serves as the celebration of the end of summer. PLUS college football also officially kicked off. I know my brain is still sloshing around in Busch Light juice. So here’s two drunk Irish people putting together an IKEA shelf. I have to applaud those two for not completely losing their shit and breaking everything. Tat’s how I handle construction when I’m stone cold sober. Give me a few drinks and there’s a 99% I snap those boards over my knee and head to the bar. The video would go viral for a very different reason. Watch This Fat Drunk Midwesterner Freak Out, Break Stuff And Cry In A Corner. Oh and it was only a matter of time before the drunk girl spilled her drink cause that’s what drunk girls do. It’s imprinted on their DNA. Every drunk girl ever has always spilled at least one drink.