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Turns Out That NASCAR Truck Racing Does, Indeed, Need Enforcers

Hey. Rubbin’s racin’. Anybody who has ever watched NASCAR, or at least watched a YouTube video of the ending of a NASCAR truck race, knows that. This ain’t no sissy racing. You head out there on the track and you better be wearing your big boy pants. But just because rubbin’s racin’ doesn’t give you free reign to go and drive like a fucking jabroni all you want. If you drive like an asshole, then another driver is going to have to set the tone out there to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And that’s what we saw here yesterday in the NASCAR Truck Series finish at Canadian Tire Motosport Park (of course NASCAR drivers would pretend they’re hockey players in Canada).


Would have like to see Cole Custer get a little lower here and really wrap up John Hunter Nemechek. But it was a great pop nonetheless and great to see NASCAR drivers embracing their inner hockey. This is part of what makes hockey the greatest game in the entire world. It’s a contact sport, yes. But sometimes in a contact sport, guys are going to cross the line and they need to be dealt with. Why wait until penalties and fines are assessed when you can just take care of business on your own and self-police the game? Little thing called Street Justice vs Real Justice.

Time for a little “Should Of Been Suspended???”