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When College Football is BACK, Saturday gamedays are BACK, and most importantly…

Kmarko’s College Football Roundup is BACK.

Get yourself pumped up…let’s go.


WHAT A GAME. (*Deletes 10,000 word thinkpiece article on how college football is back, posts GIFs and highlights instead)

The blocked XP returned to tie it is one of the wildest plays you’ll see in crunch time.

Pylon Cam da God.

Catch of the year:

Notre Dame made some pretty nice plays of their own:

Poor Torii Hunter Jr. pretty much died with his parents in the crowd:

Tyrone Swoopes the savage:

The game winner:

Nobody celebrates like Texas players celebrate with Charlie Strong after a big win.

HOUSTON 33/Oklahoma 23

Not as big an upset when you consider rankings, but make no mistake, Houston knocking Bob Stoops’ ass out on opening day was a shocker.

109.5 yard kick six anyone?

Meanwhile this dude out here livin the dream-

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.35.30 AM

Joe Mixon catch:

Greg Ward fam.


I wouldn’t say “most shocking,” especially for anyone who knew about LSU’s QB play coming into the season – but certainly the biggest upset of the opening weekend. #5 LSU losing to unranked Wisco at Lambeau Field.

At least they kept their cool about it?

CLEMSON 19/Auburn 13

Much better game than most people thought it would be – Clemson supposed to have a cakewalk to an undefeated season, getting all they handle from the SEC.


TENNESSEE 20/App State 13

Tennessee fans for 99% of this game and actually probably how they should be after barely squeaking by Appalachian State:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.58.19 AM

UGA 33/UNC 24

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.08.21 AM

Think poor Caleb got fired for this one.


Alabama showing the world why they’re #1 – as if all the success and future NFL draft picks didn’t have you convinced – by taking SC to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

Remember when this thing was close and USC actually had the momentum? Yeah, that all changed thanks to a dick stomp.

Don’t sleep on this kid Max Browne, starting your career against the ‘Bama D isn’t exactly an accurate representation of what you can do.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.23.25 PM


Penn State kicker…yes kicker…Joey Julius AKA the Beast of Happy Valley lays the lumber on the poor soul who decided returning his kick was a good idea.

Josh Rosen taunts the A&M crowd that he said earlier in the week wasn’t that loud – receives the snap, throws Int. Later loses game.

Malik Hooker’s interception is nuts:

Mizzou QB sacked literally out of his shoes – that’s for the blind puppies.

Poor Mississippi State. Poor Uncle Chaps.

South Alabama QB with the white boy hops.

Texas A&M Justin Evans pops his leg back into place like a motherfucking savage.

Bobo with the 1 hander.

The BYU mascot blatantly flaunting his disrespect for the honor code.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.47.26 AM

Jayhawks fan rushes the field:

When you realize you have to wait another week for a college football roundup-

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.27.23 AM