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The Founder Of "Latinos For Trump" Warns That There Will Be A Taco Truck On Every Corner If Immigration Reform Doesn't Happen

Donald Trump cannot be happy with our boy Marco here. Because a taco truck on every corner isn’t scary. In fact it sounds fucking DELIGHTFUL. The things dreams are made of. I bet every time Marty and Doc hopped in that DeLorean, they were hoping that they arrived into a place where there were taco trucks on every corner. If either of these candidates can promise me a taco truck on every corner, they get my vote. That simple. I don’t need to hear about any of the other issues or watch any of the debates.

You know why? Because food just tastes better when it comes from a truck. Especially a taco truck. Anyone in Astoria knows the feeling of pure joy when you leave the bar and see that taco truck open by Key Food. And that’s even after weighing the consequences of how your stomach will feel the next morning after being filled with booze and Mexican food. Halal food has even become a force thanks to the food truck. If I don’t have to search high and low for cheap, good food, that’s a win for me. People were lured to America with promises of streets paved with gold. Later people were drawn to candidates that promised a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage. Now it’s a taco truck on every corner. God bless America, land that I love.

P.S. “My culture is a very dominating culture” is an all-time brag.