A USC Linebacker Allegedly Snapchatted Sexual Assault After Plying A Girl With Xanax, Booze, And Weed All Day

LA Times – Osa Masina, suspended by the USC football team while under investigation by police in Utah for an alleged sexual assault in July, is also being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly raping the same woman 12 days earlier, according to a published report.

The July 14 incident allegedly took place in Los Angeles at the apartment of a USC teammate, according to TMZ, which reported that it had obtained a search warrant used in the case. The Times was unable to retrieve a copy of the warrant.

TMZ has more graphic details from the warrant accusing Masina of:

-Giving the girl a couple Xanax pills throughout the day on a day where she was drinking wine by the pool and “chugging Captain Morgan” at a frat party
-Smoking weed with the girl at teammate Don Hill’s apartment when the girl claims she was already “out of it”
-Allegedly “holding her head and putting her mouth on his penis” while Hill had vaginal sex with her and then Snapchatting the video to her ex-boyfriend, some guy who plays for Arizona
-Then, on a separate occasion in Utah, giving her booze and weed again only to have her pass out and wake up to him having anal sex with her. She claims he then forced her to have oral sex too and she went to get a rape kit done afterwards

Masina, who was slated to be a backup heading into the opener vs Alabama, has been suspended from the team with the investigation ongoing but obviously this is an awful look for the school regardless of the situation. Some USC fans have pointed to her going to hang out with him again and being so receptive to the various situations with drugs and alcohol but honestly there’s still no excuse for him even if this girl put herself in some bad spots. Osa Masina’s an athlete on a high profile football team in 2016 and he thinks it’s a good idea to get involved in situations where you’re double teaming fucked up girls AND Snapchatting it to someone who could destroy your life with it even if it were consensual? At a certain point whether you did this awful thing or not, you’re guilty of showing awful judgment at a time where the world is at its most sensitive to situations like this. You should always make smart and respectful choices with women but you should ESPECIALLY make smart choices in a world where someone in the SAME FUCKING CONFERENCE just was the talk of the planet after getting a light jail sentence for raping a girl behind a dumpster. Unbelievable stupidity at best, embarrassing crimes against women at worst. Thanks for that, Osa.

Either way exciting times to wear a USC shirt to a bar tomorrow and hope Bama doesn’t shame us on the field as badly as things like this shame us off it. The more things change…