The Dive This Old Woman Takes After Getting Slapped In The Face On A Bus Is Oscar Worthy

Send me straight to fucking hell, people. If laughing at that is bad I do not care because I’m in fucking hysterics right now. I’m like 50/50 that the lady took a dive or just had her life leave her body. I mean it looks like horrible acting, no doubt. She looks like she got shot in an 80’s movie or is in a Life Alert commercial the way she just freezes and tips over with her hands up. But, I’m not a doctor. Maybe that’s how old people die when they get the FUCK slapped out of them? I don’t know. I just know I gotta give this old lady props. She may be a bitch who spits in other people’s faces, but goddamn does she know how to go all out on a dead sell (never even considered bracing!) and/or die. She does both with great pizazz.

PS – If you spit on someone, I don’t care how old you are, you deserve whatever happens next. The only time I felt bad in this video for a single second was when this lady yelped like a dog, and that only made me feel bad because it made me think of a dog.