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Fisherman Forgets To Use The Hand Brake And Whoops His Car Rolls Into The Water

I smell fraud. I smell foul play. Sure the video itself is real. I’m saying I think the guy purposely made his car roll into the water. Seems a little too convenient that he parked it right next to the water and just so happened to forget to put the hand brake on. Not to mention he had more than enough time to get into the car and slam the brakes there. It wasn’t a lot of time, but it was enough. If he really truly loved his car (which he should that’s a fucking nice car) he would’ve gone down with the ship. Gone overboard with it and risked life and limb. That’s the most curious part about the entire thing. Hit the unlock button, hop in, crush the brake and boom. Saved. The whole thing stinks a lot like insurance fraud cause how does a fisherman have that nice of a care anyway? LOTTA questions and very few answers.