Dude Takes One Bite Of The World's Spiciest Noodles And Instantly Goes Deaf

YouTube- This food enthusiast and traveler who posts videos under the name Awesome Eats finally met his match when he went to Indonesia to try what he calls the world’s spiciest noodles. Made with 100 bird’s eye chilies, the noodles’ spice level is called “death” in Indonesian.


One of my favorites videos in a long time. Laughed out loud at him looking into the camera being like, “I’m deaf dude! I’m deaf!” Dude couldn’t hear SHIT after he took one bite of those noodles. He should’ve known. Anything that has 100 bird’s eye chilies in it is going to be hot as fuck. I don’t even know what bird’s eye chilies are but they should super hot. Military grade hot. Bird’s eye chilies screams deaf. I like spicy food but dude’s who love spicy food and love to tell you how much they love spicy food and how they can eat spicer food than you need to go away. I’m actually glad that dude went deaf. I hope it’s permanent. There’s literally no point to eating super duper spicy food that doesn’t even taste good. You’re just an asshole if you eat spicy food to show how cool you are. But still, I laughed really hard at that guy. Just chugging water and milkshakes while deaf as Helen Keller.