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Uh Ohhhhhh! The Dallas Mavericks Are Having A "Basketball 101" Ladies' Night!

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As long as this tweet is still up, you can read the replies here. To save you the time, they’re exactly what you’d expect them to be: delete your account, sexist, girls know sports, delete your account, delete your account, and some original people are saying delete your account. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I absolutely never understand the amount of hatred these special “ladies” events get. Yes, I know Texas A&M royally fucked one up recently, but if they’re done right then I don’t get how they’re anything but good?

Look, I know a lot of girls know sports. A fucking LOT of girls know about sports. But, there are also some who don’t but are interested in getting into them. Every girl I follow on Twitter is a sports nut, most of them know sports better than I do, but in the real world very few women I hang out with on a regular basis are sports fans. Some, like my mom, would love to learn, but she can’t ask any of us men about it during the game, a time when she realizes the shit she’s got questions about, because we’re wrapped up in watching and respond like condescending dicks. I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s how most guys respond to inquiries in the middle of games.

So what’s so bad about offering an evening where girls who want to learn about sports but are embarrassed or intimidated to ask guys at the bar, because they don’t want to be “the annoying girl,” can immerse themselves in the game? What’s wrong with providing them a — ahem – safe space to feel comfortable enough to ask all their questions without having to fear a condescending or mocking response from a guy? I know women watch sports too, I fucking know, they’re usually the ones who are most vocal about this being sexist and wrong. But if you told my sisters or any of my girl friends they could go ask Tom Brady about football without the fear of catching eye rolls or getting their heads bitten off, like I do when they have questions, then they’d jump all over that. Not sure why girls like that can’t make their own decisions about an event being sexist or not.