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Call The KFC Radio Hotline For The Last Skype Episode EVER

This is it, folks. 4+ years. 183 episodes over the internet. From Boston to Chicago to New York to Iowa to Texas To Philly To DC to wherever, this show has been an internet based format starting at like episode 15 when Feits joined on. From Google Hangouts to Skype, we’ve been talking into our computers. From being unable to hear the voicemails to being able to hear them to going back to being unable to hear them, its been a roller coaster. Its been the Best Podcast That You Cant Really Hear for 4 years running.

But this it it. This is the last one. After this week, the KFC Radio forces finally join up. Like the Planeteers combining in Captain Planet. The sound quality will be better. The timing will be better. The video will be better. Its fucking AWESOME to think that the longest running show on Barstool all the sudden is going to get this incredible boost in quality and content. Its like when your team is playing well and then your best player comes off the DL as well. The show should become that much funnier, that much more enjoyable, and with a lot of the complications out of the way, we can focus on production value and diversifying the show a bit more. Relaunching if you will.

So lets make this last one count. Lets be unable to hear the funniest fucking voicemails we’ve ever gotten! Call 646-807-8665. Talk about whatever you want. Summer’s over, baseball crunch time, Barstool changes, relationship questions. Its all fair game. Get involved.