Stranger Things Is Officially Back For Season Two

What everyone knew was absolutely going to happen has officially happened: Stranger Things got renewed for season two. What’s going to happen? No one has a fucking clue, and a trailer just releasing the titles of each episode (it will be a 9 episode season this time, not 8) doesn’t do much to help us learn. I’m sure there will be fan theories, some are already coming back, but at this point everything is just speculation.

The Dufner brothers (writers and directors of Stranger Things) have previously said that it will be a continuation of season one, that’s why they left so much of the ending open ended, so it’s a safe bet that the main cast of characters will still be involved. After all, pretty tough to get rid of them after Will’s last scene in the bathroom, as that makes it pretty clear he’s brought some of the Upside Down back to the real world with him. Whether the “main cast of characters” involves Eleven is something we’re going to have to wait and find out for certain. It’d be tough to cut a character like that but I’m also pretty sure that season two was written long before season one even aired, this is a show the Dufners have been working on for a long time, so they couldn’t have predicted how well Eleven would perform and be received. Though, I think we all agree that she’ll be back. Millie Bobby Brown, the incredible actress who plays Eleven, retweeting about season two only serves to drive that point home…

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.25.16 AM

Like everyone except the Dufners, I haven’t the faintest idea what’s going to happen in season two. It’s tough for me to shake that fan theory that Eleven is also the monster, as much as I don’t want it to be true. So if I had to guess I would say that both she/he and the Upside Down will come back into play, with Will as the vehicle that connects the two worlds. But, what do I know?

*Spoilers coming*

PS – Why is everyone always so concerned about Barb? Fuck Barb. Also, did everyone not see her dead as shit in the Upside Down? Her body was right next to Will’s except she didn’t have that thing in her mouth keeping her alive. She was never “missing,”like Will was. The people from Hawkins lab moved her car and made it look like she ran away and then she was found dead. People make it seem like she was taken from the pool and never talked about again, her who storyline is very clear.