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Is This California Pro-ISIS Blogger Who Threatened To Behead FBI Agents A Terrorist Or A Simple Free Speech Practicer?

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CNNHunched over the keyboard of his computer in a mobile home park a few miles from Disneyland, Peter Ronald Wexler allegedly blogged in support of cop killers and the terror group ISIS, according to authorities.

He even “encouraged others to ‘level’ the Turkish Consulate in LA with a Ryder truck,” they said.
Following an anonymous tip about his provocative online posts, an FBI supervisor in Los Angeles weighed in on the material.

“Everything we have reviewed to date falls into the category of First Amendment protected speech,” Special Agent Voviette D. Morgan wrote in an email dated September 7, 2015.

That would all change a day later when agents showed up at Wexler’s RV to conduct a threat assessment.
Wexler, 50, politely turned agents away at the door.

Then he turned to his keyboard:


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So this case has some people confused. Has people questioning where free speech ends. CNN’s posing it as a question that really hits home for smut bloggers prone to spewing internet threats:

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So I’m here to clear up any confusion — Yes this guy is a fucking terrorist and should be sent to Cuba.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think you should be able to blog damn near whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. From endless pictures of hot chicks to\creedthoughts. That’s precisely why I work for Barstool and not somewhere reputable or structured or with functioning technology or health insurance or any form of internal communication. But where you draw the line is with ISIS. With terrorism. With this right here:

Peter Ronald Wexler allegedly blogged in support of cop killers and the terror group ISIS

At this point all bets are off. You’ve surrendered whatever rights the rest of us gleefully share. You’ve thrown the first amendment and all the other amendments out the window. You’ve basically just walked into prison day one — you’re not a real person, you’re somebody’s little bitch and you just don’t know whose yet.

And this all fits right in with the NSA and the privacy thing. Our agencies HAVE to do their jobs in protecting us fine people and they have to do it by stopping terrorists. You stop terrorists by leaving no stone unturned. Whether it’s private communications or threats on your dumbass blog, the minute you support terrorism you’re toast. Done. Finished. It has to be that way.

I want the government spying on my email. I want the government spying on my blogs. Doesn’t affect me — I have nothing to hide that concerns them. They snoop, they see I’m just speculating about when Tiger will return or how to become the next Barstool girl hoarder, and they move right along. Nothing to see here. But the second I start blogging or texting pro-ISIS shit? FBI agents better have me in an orange jumpsuit on the next flight to Guantanamo. You mix the pro-ISIS shit with threats of beheading FBI agents and yeah, smell ya later Peter Ronald Wexler.

Terrorism sucks. Don’t support it and you’ll be fine. Simple.

PS — If this opening line didn’t immediately make you think of you-know-who then you shouldn’t be reading here.

Hunched over the keyboard of his computer in a mobile home park a few miles from Disneyland…