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Tebow Catching Fly Balls With Two Hands Infuriates Me

I try my best not to hate Tim Tebow, but when I see clips like this it’s all for naught. Catching pop ups with two hands is the lamest, dorkiest, loserest thing you can possibly do. It’s perfectly Tim Tebow in the sense that it’s the “right way” to do it. It’s how your taught to act from a young age. Using two hands to catch is by the book, so of course that’s how Tim Tebow does it. I can’t really explain why this pisses me off so much but every time he raises that freehand my blood starts to boil. I remember my coach once said “Catching a baseball is like driving: yeah, you’re technically supposed to use two hands, but if you see someone actually doing it then you know they suck.” Truest words I’ve ever heard. But, that’s Tim Tebow. Never breaks the rules, never uses his own brain, never evolves. Teach him something on day one and that’s the way he’ll do it on day 1000, and that’s why I hate the guy. Break a fucking rule, Tim. Be a human being.