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Selena Gomez Gets Put Into A Bodybag By Biebs On Instagram. Promptly Puts Career On Hold To Deal With Panic Attacks

Reuters – Pop singer Selena Gomez said on Tuesday she was taking time out to deal with panic attacks and depression thought to be a side effect of her lupus disease.Gomez, 24, issued the statement in the midst of her Revival world tour, and about a year after revealing that she had been diagnosed with lupus.

Listen I don’t know the first thing about Lupus.  I literally know nothing about it.  But I know this much.  Lupos doesn’t give you panic attacks and depression.   You know what does though?  Little disease called Bieberitis.   Like you think it’s a coincidence Selena got put in a bodybag by Bieber last week on Instagram and 2 days later she’s checking back into rehab?  You mess with the bull you get the horns.  Think Bieber gives a fuck?   The dude is back on Instagtam like this shit never even happened.  It must feel nice to be the baddest motherfucker on the block.  Lupusschmupos.   Classic case of Selena having Bieber withdrawals again.  No different than trying to quit coke.