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British Man Re-Enacts Killing Indonesian Police Officer On Bali Beach


A British man and his girlfriend accused of murdering an Indonesian police officer on a beach in Bali have re-enacted the killing to help investigators.

David Taylor, 33, and Sara Connor, 45, from Australia, both confessed to being involved in killing Wayan Sudarsa during the re-enactment.

Taylor showed detectives how they allegedly repeatedly hit the victim with a beer bottle during the attack earlier this month. Connor was also seen on a motorbike during the two-hour re-enactment.

“It was done by David, the victim was killed after being hit several times,” said police chief Hadi Purnomo.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but reenacting how you killed someone with a beer bottle seems like a bad move. While The Night Of was a terrible show, it taught us that keeping your mouth shut is paramount to giving your lawyer even a chance at getting you off.

John Turturro would have walked in that Indonesian jail with his disgusting feet covered in thick lotion and been absolutely sick when he heard that David Taylor re-enacted the killing on the beach for a crowd of people. Not much you can do after that.


One minute you’re having a great time in Bali with your ridiculous looking haircut and the next minute you’re are spending 15 years to life in an Indonesian prison.

Real question: death or 15 years in a place like this? Give me death every day of the week.


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