Baylor Suspends WR Ishmael Zamora 3 Games For Beating His Dog With A Belt

WACO, TexasBaylor University and its athletics administration have imposed corrective actions against sophomore wide receiver Ishmael Zamora after its review of the animal abuse incident that resulted in a Class “C” Misdemeanor citation from City of Waco Police last month.
This review began when the Bears coaching staff immediately reported the incident to campus authorities as required by University policy and continued through the University’s student disciplinary process.

“Our football program does not condone this behavior by anyone. We are deeply saddened by it and have worked together with the University to hold Ishmael accountable for his actions,” said Baylor Acting Head Football Coach Jim Grobe.

In addition to the city’s citation and fine, Zamora must perform 40 community service hours in a manner that will teach him kindness and respect toward animals, must undergo counseling and must relinquish the dog to an animal-friendly home. The University normally does not comment publicly on matters of student discipline; however, in this case Zamora has agreed to the release of this information. In addition, Zamora will be suspended for the first three games of the Bears’ 2016 season, however, he will be able to practice with the team provided he meets the other provisions of his sanctions.

“We have received communications about this incident from many passionate individuals over the past 10 days, and I am aware of their concerns,” Grobe said. “Our goal is for this discipline to be educational and restorative, and I believe that we have taken corrective measures to help Ishmael learn from his actions and to better understand the behavior we demand of all students at the University.”

“Ishmael’s behavior toward his dog is disheartening, and is not condoned,” Baylor Vice President and Director of Athletics Mack Rhoades said. “We believe with proper counseling and training Ishmael can learn from this and I expect that of him. I’ve conveyed to him my expectation that his actions and his service will illustrate his commitment to change.”

In case you forgot because you tried as hard as you could to push it out of your brain, here’s the Baylor receiver Ishmael Zamora whooping the shit out of his dog with a belt. Obviously disgusting and not really all that surprising when you consider what’s been going on with the Baylor program lately. It was only a matter of time before we moved on from humans and started beating innocent animals.


Gotta say though, it’s a pleasant surprise that Baylor actually acted on this so strongly. Thought it had “disciplined internally” and “will not start the first game” (AKA sit the first set of snaps then get right back in there) written all over it. But 3 games is no joke, and add that to a fine and 40 hours of community service, and I’m glad somebody in Waco started holding people around there accountable for their gross actions.

Like I said yesterday, I believe in second chances and not having one mistake define your whole life, unless you’re an Al Qaeda recruiter. This one is definitely toeing that line though. Hitting a dog is dangerously close to my point of no return list.

To his credit, Zamora’s apology was good.

“I am sorry that I took out my frustration on my dog and accept the punishment that comes with it. This incident will never, ever, happen again,” Zamora said. “I truly love my dog, however, I know that my actions showed differently and I know that I made a big mistake.

“I apologize to my family, teammates, Baylor University and our fans for my actions,” he added.

“Eventually, I hope that everyone can see who I really am and that I am not a terrible person. This incident does not and will not define me, and I know that I am the one who will have to prove that to others in the days ahead.”