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Gaten Matarazzo, Toothless Dustin From Stranger Things, CRUSHED The National Anthem At A Sixers Game In 2014

Somebody put that kid on trial cause he outright murdered Francis Scott Key. That rendition was so good even Colin Kaepernick would stand in honor. And the Sixers only lost to the Heat by 15 that night. Bring back that toothless good luck charm! But for real, it’s great to see some good ol’ Egg Harbor Township talent do the damn thing on not only the local but national scale. If you haven’t jumped on Stranger Things yet then shame on you. One of the best, and definitely most original shows in recent memory. Addicting as all hell, too. One night a few weeks back I’m dead tired and fire up Netflix, planning to pass out around 9. All of a sudden it’s 5 AM and I’m balls DEEP in Stranger Things, possibly wishing it was Nancy instead. I regret nothing.

Good on Dustin for whipping out the second best national anthem in Philadelphia sports history behind when bloggers sneak in with some old folks at Phillies games. God shed his grace on thee.